Property Developments & Project Management

CTP Property Development and Project Management portfolio is growing.

CTP is Your one stop Engineering shop.

Water and Waste Water Engineering

CTP has designed and assists with the process design and review of existing Waste Water Treatment Works as well as the Mechanical and Electrical design, Structural design, Huydraulic engineering, etc. 

Reverse Osmosis

CTP has been involved in several RO plants over the years including the detail design of the unit processes for potable water. Sources of water include sea water reverse osmosis, borehole water treatment and tertiary treatment from other sources.

What we do....

Since March 2012 a whole new range of engineering disciplines have been introduced into C-T-P Consulting Engineers by Professional Engineer Christian Roed with over 25 years of experience, especially in:  

  • General Civil Engineering,

  • Structural Engineering,

  • Water and Wastewater Engineering,

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Gas and Oil Structural Project Management

  • Biogas Installation and Management

  • Renewable Energy, 

  • Project Management,

  • Acid Mine Drainage,

  • Electrical Engineering.

We help you save money with our Effective and Experienced Engineering!

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